VARO VENTURI   Filmmaker, writer, researcher


Born in Rome from a mother pianist and a father painter and sculptor, he studies Anthropology at the University of Rome. At the same time he writes novels, paints, and works as a photographer, developing a strong interest for modern poetry, cinema and modern theatre, collaborating with the Living Theatre of Julian Beck as a composer and actor. 
Between 80's and 90's he begins to write and produce successful pop songs, such as “Amore disperato” (performed by the Italian singer Nada), that becomes one of the most solid Italian evergreens.  In 1997, after having performed as a video-maker, actor and script writer, he directs and produces the short “Cosmos Hotel”, that wins a Gold Award at the Nanni Moretti’s Sacher Festival. Then he undertakes the making of “Nazareno”, his first feature film, independently produced and distributed, directing a cast of numerous non-professional actors taken from the streets. The film wins many awards, among which the Special Jury Award at the European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU, Paris, 2008) . In 2009 he starts shooting “Day 6” (a.k.a. "6 giorni sulla terra" in Italy) in two languages. Here, with the scientific consultation of Dr. Corrado Malanga, he faces the alien abductions phenomenon - a great interest and research object since his childhood - with an innovative, realistic insight. The film is released in Italy in June 2011, it holds the 33° Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) and immediately becomes a "cult movie", but suffers from a heavy, mysterious sabotage occurred during the screenings in cinemas, which confirms the truthfulness of the film contents. Now  he is developing many new projects, such as "Filius Draconis", a movie set in the 15th century - where one of the main characters is his illustrious ancestor Pope Pius II (Enea Piccolomini) - that reveals the true origin of vampirism in the middle ages; and  a sci-fi feature film that treats the most advanced theses about human cloning and the "intraterrestrial" alien power. He is also  developing the "Sci-Real Project": a cultural, multimedia manifesto in which, together with Italian and foreign researchers and scientists, he digs into the secrets of occult governments, in collusion with extraterrestrials.

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Researcher, professor and teacher in Organic Chemistry in the University of Pisa

Dr. Corrado Malanga has been studying UFO and aliens for the last 40 years. He is currently interested in the matters related to Alien Abductions, which he studies through the use of Regressive Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. Since 1992 he has conducted studies on hundreds of people involved in alien abduction phenomena and among the techniques he uses there are graphology, regressive hypnosis, NLP, specific exercises of Mental Simulations and the Triade Color Test (a test derived from the Luscher Color Test, further modified and greatly elaborated) . To understand the physics behind the alien abductions he, together with Alfredo Magenta (ECE), propounded the Super Spin Hypothesis describing the quantized nature of time.
In 2007 he publishes his updated research under the name of “Alien or Demons – The fight For Eternal Life”, little less than 500 pages where one can find: all the necessary tools to be able to face the consequences of one’s alien abduction, in order not to have this happen ever again; the true story about the abuses that the aliens have been committing on the human race; the psychosomatics of the Abduction phenomena; the solution of specific cases and the NLP and Regressive Hypnosis techniques applied to this specific issue.

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Producer, writer

Born in Ravenna, she studies Medicine at the University. Pianist, composer and professor of composition and conducting, she also writes contemporary music. Always attracted by literary arts, in 1994 she moves to Turin to hold the Holden Master School of Alessandro Baricco, studying storytelling, narrative techniques and other subjects related to the various techniques of storytelling.
At the same time, together with writer/director Franco Bernini, she works in the movies: "The Braibanti case", "The strong hands", (Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival 1997) and "Under the Moon".
In '99 she begins a collaboration with writer/director Varo Venturi, working on many projects, as the screenplay for the film "The Italian" by the director De Dominicis. In 2003 begins the adventure of "Nazareno", the first Varo Venturi feature film, with a cast of numerous non-professional actors taken from the streets, that she co-produces for the new company Deusfilm.
Among her next projects, after the realization of "Day 6," (a.k.a. "6 giorni sulla terra" in Italy) there is' a co-production for a film set in the fifteenth century, that reveals the true origin of vampirism in the middle ages.